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Ways to stay motivated and healthy during recovery

The recovery phase of drug abuse is one of the toughest situations one can ever face in life. Staying motivated and healthy is the most important requisite during the phase of treatment to accomplish full recovery. However, it is easier said than done. A majority of the patients relapse during and after recovery and most feel that staying motivated and healthy is the biggest challenge for them while they are recovering. However, there are numerous ways to manage motivation and health during recovery.

Although patience, loving relationships and emotional strength are required to stay on the path to good health, most people manage to cope with the challenges if they are provided adequate guidance and assistance. Though the struggles witnessed on the path to full recovery are tough in nature, it is not impossible to overcome these challenges:

  • Managing stress: Since stress and drug abuse are interlinked, it is essential to understand the association to ensure a holistic recovery. Going through stress in childhood and debilitating mental health conditions, such as depression and anxiety, increase the risk of drug addiction. Stress is a prominent stimulus for drug cravings and also a major reason for triggering a relapse. Therefore, one needs to handle stress well enough to stay healthy and cope with the challenges during recovery.
  • Managing relationships: Inability to create intimate relationships is one of the most common reasons for a relapse. Rebuilding loving relationships is an unavoidable step in the path to recovery from drug abuse. The person suffering from the problem of substance abuse needs to realize that the past damages that have been caused due to drug abuse and reckless behavior can only be overcome by the indispensable support from family members and friends. Since the family members and close people play a crucial role during the phase of recovery, it is essential for the patients to comprehend the importance of mutual understanding.
  • Addiction recovery support groups: Support groups often allow peers to veer into the personal space and the support and challenges they bring in are unavoidable during recovery. Such organizations are platforms to motivate people with the problem of substance abuse to abstain from a relapse by bringing all the users together and throwing light upon the disadvantages of doing drugs in the first place. Like the support groups for patients, there are support groups for their family members.
  • Exercise, meditation and spirituality: Exercise may provide the requisite impetus to rebuild health and have a jovial life that is devoid of negativities. It helps in the release of endorphins, which are the feel-good chemicals that help the brain to relax and feel refreshed. Many drug abuse cases occur due to the “escaping from care” nature of the mind. Meditation can bring people back to the present moment and the awareness it creates is extremely helpful in facing painful and strenuous situations during drug abuse recovery. Many experts believe that spirituality and religiosity can also be great tools to devise coping strategies to contain the cravings and painful memories of drug abuse. Such mind-calming strategies help people in staying on the path of sobriety and refrain from reusing drugs for momentary pleasure.

Take professional help

While recovery management is a crucial aspect of abstinence from drugs, many people need professional treatment to get rid of their drug abuse habits. It is advisable to check for professional and experienced help to fix issues related to drug abuse that may otherwise be difficult to manage.

If you are into drug abuse, there are reputed drug addiction treatment centers that may be of help. To know more about the options available for avoiding drugs and getting help during recovery, connect with the 24/7 Recovery Helpline. Chat online or call us at our 24/7 helpline number 855-441-4405 to know more about the treatment centers for drug addiction in your locality.

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