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Why Sober Living Homes Are Important

Overcoming an addiction is a journey that has different stages of recovery. These stages include accepting that one has an addiction problem, going through an addiction treatment program, transitioning to normal life and continuing sober living. All this requires a deep commitment to recovery.

While going through an addiction treatment program is a pretty straightforward process, transitioning to normal life takes more time and effort. This is the time when a person is most likely to succumb to temptation and relapse. However, sober living homes help in learning coping mechanisms to ease this changeover. Let us understand the importance of sober living homes and how they can help continue sober living.

Structured living: Sober living homes have a set daily routine with strict rules that need adhering to. People recovering from an addiction living in sober living homes are assigned certain chores that they need to complete on a daily basis making them used to living a normal life outside the sober house. Slowly, people start adapting the structure in their lifestyle and feel confident about leaving the sheltered environment.

Time to heal: A sober living home provides a recovering person time to heal and get used to the idea of sober living. A lot of people who are recovering from an addiction are apprehensive about leaving the protected environment and taking up responsibilities that come with normal living. A sober living house provides them that additional time to get used to the idea of living with friends and family.

Social support system: The journey to sobriety is lifelong. That is why it is important to have friends, mentors, and guides to help one through the way. Living in sober living houses provides an opportunity to create a solid social support system that has gone through the same problems and understands the struggles involved. This support system helps the person when they need it the most.

Life skill restoration: When a person is involved in drug use, their entire energy is focused on finding the next fix. They tend to ignore everything else, including employment, relationships, finances, and health. Living in a sober home allows them to get these simple life skills in place. They not only learn to handle their chores, but also re-learn interpersonal skills and how to manage their finances. These skills move them towards independence so that they are able to look after themselves when they leave the sober living house.

The way forward

According to statistics, two out of three people relapse within a month of taking addiction treatment. To avoid this, it is important that a proper drug relapse prevention plan is thought through and implemented along with the addiction treatment plan. Usually, a person relapses when they encounter high-risk situations, including triggers, people, places, situations, and feelings. To learn how to manage these effectively, it is important that a person opts for a sober living house to give themselves time to make the necessary adjustments.

If you or someone you know is battling an addiction and needs help, then get in touch with 24/7 recovery helpline. Call our 24-hour drug helpline 855-441-4405 and speak to a member of our team. We can connect you with rehab centers and sober living houses that offer multiple specialized programs to suit your treatment goals. You can also chat online to a trained medical representative to get a free insurance verification today. Remember, an addiction can be overcome only with verified professional help.

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