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Tips to establish long-lasting relationships post addiction recovery

The initial few months of recovery are challenging for a person who had been abusing alcohol or drugs in the past. During the recovery period, one has to deal with multiple stressors such as insomnia, addiction triggers, intense cravings for drugs or alcohol, as well as emotional upsurges, which can transform every aspect of his or her life. People fighting substance abuse might also feel abandoned when they lose touch with their kith or kin while staying away from the family during recovery. However, romantic relationships are the ones that suffer the most due to an individual’s former addiction and toxic behavior.

While a relationship might appear to be an alluring option for a drug user for the companionship it offers, one must, however, remember that seeking comfort in a second person can never be the solution. In fact, it requires a lot of grit and patience to rekindle the lost relationships or establish the new ones, which can be a challenging task for someone who has gone through an emotional turmoil during the past addictive days. Still, if someone wants to get back to the dating scene after a long battle with drug addiction and recovery, it is important to utilize the coping skills that one learns during the process to get sober. Here are a few essential strategies, which can help a person nurture relationships and be addiction-free:

Practicing patience: Recovery happens every single day. During recovery, one is always told to focus on one day at a time. One has to work dedicatedly to wipe off years of guilt, shame, denial and emotional wreckage. In addition, one has to focus on restoring the lost physical and psychological strength. All this work necessitates at least a year; therefore, one must be prepared to devote the first year exclusively to self-help. Self-help empowers an individual to transition into the normal life, including the dating world, smoothly and confidently.

Acting like a stranger: Once in sobriety, an individual must try to break free from the patterns displayed at the time of addiction. Nowadays, millions of people get hooked on multiple online dating portals to search for a match. Since nothing can be guaranteed about the online profiles, one must practice patience, and take a lot of time, approximately a year, to reveal about his or her real self. This online dating must be translated into the real world dating and only if a person feels that the match measures up to his or her expectations, should someone reveal one’s identity.

Attending meetings and activities religiously: While one was in the addiction treatment program, doctors, counselors and other support systems ensured sobriety and prevented relapse, but once an individual enters the outside world, the real struggles starts. One might encounter innumerable situations when the urge to try just a small amount of alcohol or drug can get overwhelming. It is, therefore, essential to keep going back to the counseling sessions, meetings and other activities, which can a prevent a sober person from getting back into a relapse.

Road to recovery

Nurturing relationships post recovery from addiction might have its own challenges, but it is not impossible. One just needs to be patient and move ahead in building strong relationships with loved ones. Moreover, loved ones are generally understanding about a person’s condition post recovery from addiction, and give the necessary support required to lead a sober life.

If you or someone you love is grappling with an addiction to alcohol or drugs, it’s time you seek help from one of the substance abuse treatment centers near you. The 24/7 Recovery Helpline can assist you with all the required information on various drug and alcohol treatment centers. You may call us at our 24/7 helpline number 855-441-4405 or chat online with one of our representatives who can guide you on the best drug addiction rehab centers in your vicinity.

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