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Student dies as ‘bag of ecstasy’ bursts in tummy; mom suspects foul play

In another tragic eventuality of substance abuse, an academically brilliant student died after a bag of ecstasy exploded in her stomach while on a holiday in Ibiza on Sep. 28, 2015. The deceased student, Rebecca Brock, 18, was at the party island for a friend’s birthday, where hotel staff found her dead, with a pool of blood next to her head, in her room. The toxicology reports are out now.

Her death came as a surprise to many. Rebecca was a cheerful, positive and friendly girl. She had good relationships with many and shared a close bond with her family, especially her sister. Under the circumstances, it was hard for acquaintances to believe that she could have swallowed so many of the addictive pills on her own.

Grieving mother in disbelief, suspects external influence

The drug found in Rebecca’s system was double the amount of a normal fatal dose. This not only surprised the doctors but also left them wondering as to how such a huge amount of the drug entered her system. On the other hand, her mother, Margarita Brock, suspects a conspiracy, alleging that someone might have forced her daughter to consume the drug. Mrs. Brock revealed that Rebecca could not swallow pills on her own. “I can’t see any other way than someone making that happen,” she said.

Mrs. Brock also shared that her daughter was friendly with her and candidly discussed everything in her life. Rebecca had told her sister about her experiment with cocaine once and admitted that she did not like it. “She was very clear about what she let into her body and what she didn’t,” said Mrs. Brock.

Victim had weight issues

Rather than any past drug issues, the student had problems with her weight, divulged her mother. “Drugs were never a problem with her and she never clung on to any substances in the past,” she said. However, in 2015, Rebecca suffered from body image issues and had lost a significant amount of weight during that year. She also suffered from irritable bowel syndrome in the same year.

As per the toxicologist Dr. Stephen Morley, she had died 48 hours before the Spanish authorities found her. Traces of alcohol were also found in her body along with the “potentially fatal concentration” of ecstasy. The Spanish toxicologist detected 0.54 g per liter of alcohol in Becky’s system. It would be consistent with Becky having a few drinks on the evening of Sep. 22. “There is certainly evidence of a broken bag,” he added. Rebecca must have died around half-an-hour after the ecstasy entered her system, said the toxicologist. The fatal dose of ecstasy and alcohol wreaked havoc in her body, which eventually led to her death.

Dealing with substance abuse

Mixing drugs with alcohol increases the chances of an overdose significantly as the user generally cannot determine the amount that he/she has consumed. Therefore, it is dangerous to mix numerous substances, especially with alcohol.

The only way to deal with any substance use disorder (SUD) is treatment. Although chronic and severe addictions may be fatal, timely intervention can help a patient gain long-term sobriety and prevent any fatality.

If you or a loved one are struggling with an addiction, reach out for immediate help. You may contact the 24/7 Recovery Helpline experts by calling 855-441-4405. You can also try online chat help for addiction and get live chat help for addiction treatment for your loved ones.


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