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The guilt of addiction and the power of forgiveness

The recovering addict has left the rehabilitation center. Their body is now clear of the toxins and their mind is ready to take on the world once again. This doesn’t mean the past is all gone. It still has the potential to haunt this person. Drug addiction is a...

Study finds oxycodone to cause permanent behavioral changes

A new study has found that even brief use of the opioid oxycodone can lead to lasting behavioral impairments in rats. The team of researchers believes the drug may cause a “cognitive hangover,” leading to enduring changes in brain structure that impact behavioral flexibility and decision-making skills. The study...

The 6 signs of addiction

Too much of anything can be poisonous; when a certain activity stops becoming positive it can become more of a compulsion, and an addiction can develop. Since addiction is traditionally believed to be something that can only happen with substances, many people do not realize they have developed an...

Why alcohol is the most dangerous drug

Ask anyone on the street and asked them what they thought the most dangerous drug was, the answers would likely focus around drugs like heroin, LSD, methamphetamine and others. But what about alcohol? Alcohol can be classified as a depressant, a form of drug that slows down vital functions...

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