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How to recognize signs of addiction and find remedies

Drug addiction or abuse of any substance is considered to be a mental illness. It initially starts with deriving pleasure, but later hooks the individual turning it into a full-blown addiction problem. Substance abuse is not just limited to drug or alcohol, but also includes tobacco, nicotine, psychedelic drugs,...

The relationship between resilience and addiction

The Oxford dictionary defines resilience as the ability to quickly overcome difficult situations. In the addiction treatment field, we look at resilience as the ability to avoid addiction. It is when this resilience is broken, that the habit of drug use takes over leading to an addiction.

Staying Sober in Holiday Season

The holiday season comes up with joy and excitement and an opportunity to spend some great time with family and friends. But, at the same it is the time when many people indulge in booze and drugs. While it is always a challenging time to say sober in holiday...

Loving Someone In Active Addiction

With love one can conquer the world. The path, however, may be harder than you would have imagined. The same is true when you are in love with someone in active addiction. In the view that even two normal beings have to exhibit a lot of maturity and understanding...

Why Sober Living Homes Are Important

Overcoming an addiction is a journey that has different stages of recovery. These stages include accepting that one has an addiction problem, going through an addiction treatment program, transitioning to normal life and continuing sober living. All this requires a deep commitment to recovery.

Marijuana Withdrawal Is Real

A psychotropic substance, marijuana (belonging to genus Cannabis) is the most used recreational substance across the world, following nicotine and alcohol. Cannabis is also known by different street names like weed, ganja, hashish and hemp among others. In the United States, cannabis is the most commonly used illicit substance,...

How effective are apps in helping fight substance abuse?

Apps! Where would we be without these small, single-purpose programs? There are apps to wake one up in the morning, get one to work on time, remind one of their meetings, and track what one eats during the day. Apps can buy movie tickets, take-out food, and even help...

FDA releases fresh guidelines that compare new opioids with old ones before granting approval

Before stepping down from his position as the 23rd Commissioner of Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on April 5, 2019, Dr. Scott Gottlieb demanded for new approval standards to facilitate a comparison between proposed medicinal agents with the ones that were already available in the market.

Drug exposure may lead to substance induced psychotic disorder

A recent article published in The American Journal of Psychiatry revealed that people with a heredity of alcohol and drug use and those with a mild risk of psychosis running in the family have a high susceptibility of developing psychotic disorder induced because of substance abuse. Lead author Kenneth...

Sober curious – A new trend

In a world where people are busy adapting to new wellness regimens like going gluten free, dairy free, adopting vegan lifestyle, etc. a new trend, known as sober curious is also amassing an increasing number of followers. The trend focusses on turning alcohol free for sleep, health, and wellness...

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