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Study finds some addicts are more likely to relapse than others

Old habits die hard, and nothing retains more strength than habit. It has been observed that bad habits can be as addictive as good habits, but it is definitely not so rewarding. Use of substances gradually takes the shape of a habit which is not so easy to give...

Risk of relapse high in some addicts than others: Study

Addiction to any substance can be harmful, but its relapse can be more detrimental to both physical and mental wellbeing. Relapse is a common phenomenon but it can only be avoided by a clear understanding of the factors that trigger it. A recent study by the McMaster University sheds...

Addicts lack awareness of those around them: Study

Valuing relationships and giving due respect to people are important for human beings. A strong relationship contributes to a healthy and happy life, and can be an ongoing source of support and wellbeing. But this may not hold true for adolescents who find themselves staggering and faltering at every...

Marijuana abuse associated with substance use and mental health disorders: Study

The United States is struggling to understand the impact of marijuana legalization though the drug has been legalized in 24 states and the District of Columbia for medical purposes. In some states, the practice of criminalizing offenders for illegal possession of marijuana has been discontinued, while a few other...

New Jersey to utilize $1 million federal grant to combat opioid addiction

What happens when a prescription drug becomes a problem drug? What happens when the nation as a whole rolls down the “slippery path of addiction” which only culminates in the abyss of death? The catastrophe of opioid abuse encircling America is gradually taking more people in its grip.

New technique helps measure cannabinoids content found in snacks

Marijuana is the most popular recreational drug in the United States. But, its use among those under 21 is not advisable due to its drastic effects on the developing teen brain. However, 24 states and Washington, D.C. have legalized medical marijuana, while four states have legalized even its recreational...

20% college students may suffer from alcohol use disorder: Study

Binge drinking usually refers to deliberate consumption of huge quantity of alcohol in a single session with the objective of getting high. Lately, heavy drinking has significantly gone up in America with one in six adults binge drinking about four times a month, says a 2015 report by the...

7 steps to prevent your child from abusing drugs

Parents can play a key role in dissuading kids from abusing drugs. Be it the use of tobacco products, drinking alcohol or experimenting with drugs, parents can prevent their children from falling prey to addiction with a little effort on their part.

7 myths about alcohol consumption that can actually trigger onset of alcoholism

It is against all precepts of male chauvinism to admit that a few extra pegs can knock him down. Men often boast of drinking like a fish and still standing tall. There are binge drinking competitions and those who can weather such sessions become symbols of virility among peers.

Study identifies gene responsible for meth addiction

Methamphetamine, one of the most addictive and destructive drugs, causes chemical and molecular changes in the brain. Also known as meth, crank or chalk, it is classified as a Schedule II drug, alongside cocaine.

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