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New rule prohibits prosecution for medical marijuana cases in states where drug is legal

Marijuana remains a Schedule I substance under the Controlled Substances Act at the federal level, but 25 American states and the District of Columbia have approved comprehensive programs related to medical cannabis. Now, a new rule bans prosecution in medical marijuana cases in states that have approved its use....

Gabapentin abuse can trigger drug addiction: Study

The problem of opioid abuse has reached an epidemic level in the United States. Opioids were introduced in the U.S. to help people get relief from incessant and excruciating pain. Providing them with benign opioids was considered America’s greatest contribution to medical science, but few had anticipated that overdose...

Study on rats says regular marijuana use triggers cognitive laziness

Marijuana is currently the most talked about substance in the United States. Many Americans are advocating its use due to its medicinal effects. However, many others oppose its legalization due to the psychoactive properties of cannabis that can cause people to develop indolence if used on a regular basis.

Risk of developing alcoholism can be detected through impulsivity levels: Study

Millions of people in America live with families that have at least a parent, grandparent or a close relative with an alcohol problem. Studies have shown that children of alcoholics have a higher probability of developing an alcohol problem later in life than the general population. Though many factors...

Impulsivity levels help identify risk of drinking among alcoholic’s children

Alcoholism is a major problem among Americans. Many reasons contribute to drinking habit among the youth, one of the reasons being family history of alcoholism. Having parents or elders in the family who are dependent on alcohol aggravates the risk of drinking in the younger generation.

Audio computer-assisted self-interview effective in detecting substance use disorders

Americans are besieged by alcohol and drug abuse problems. The need and benefits of primary screening and initial intervention during primary health care were felt due to an increasing number of people falling prey to growing substance abuse problem.

Athletes who revived their career in 2016 Olympics after battling addiction – 2: Anthony Ervin

Addiction and sports often form a dangerous combination with the dependence on any drug or alcohol threatening to ruin the career of the addicted sportspersons. It might be difficult to fight an addiction, but with right treatment it is definitely possible. And, sportspersons’ fighting spirit is even more helpful...

Rising trend of substance abuse among senior citizens

Old age is the most vulnerable period of life when numerous physical and mental disabilities appear that are unique to older adults. Many seniors happily accept their transition into old age, but there are others who find it difficult to deal with the progressive decline in cognitive and motor...

Athletes who revived their career in 2016 Olympics after battling addiction – 1: Michael Phelps

Addictive habit does not show any bias. One cannot claim that people of a particular class are more likely to abuse alcohol or have more weakness for drugs. The tendency to get dependent on any substance can be seen among any group, including sportspersons.

Scientists find compound that can help reverse cocaine dependence

Cocaine remains one of the most abused drugs in the United States with nearly 1.5 million Americans using it in 2014, as per the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA). The effects of cocaine are felt almost immediately that range from acute bouts of depression, to feelings of edginess...

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