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How director Scorsese recovered from near-death drug overdose

Hollywood and substance abuse share an old relationship. There have been many cases of film personalities being involved in substance addiction. One such case is of Oscar-winning director Martin Scorsese (74), who recently confessed about his near-death experience involving drug addiction and how he recovered from it.

In an interview to the Hollywood Reporter in December 2016, Scorsese said that after finishing movie “New York, New York,” his life was in turmoil and was attracted to the world of drugs. At the age of 35, he weighed 109 pounds, was affected by both asthma and addiction and was fighting for his life in a hospital. He said he misused normal medications in combinations to which his body reacted and led to his hospitalization.

The director of classics like “Taxi Driver” and “Alice Doesn’t Live Here,” Scorsese confessed to taking chances after completing musical drama “New York, New York.” The pressure of making a movie of that size and its failure at the box office led to stress and addiction for the filmmaker.

Years of drug abuse and hard living finally caught up with the filmmaker while he continued to push himself. In 1978, the director nearly died, he said. During the Labor Day weekend, he found himself in a hospital where he stayed for 10 days and it was during this phase of life when he realized that he did not want to die and waste his life. He felt that if he recovered, it was for some reason and even if it was not for a reason he had to make good use of his life. The director said that he saw his dark time in the 1970s as a wakeup call to make his life better so he could continue to make meaningful cinema.

Other Hollywood connections

Hollywood is full of reports pertaining to anxiety, depression and substance abuse affecting celebrities. In November 2016, singer Kanye West (39) was admitted to the UCLA Medical Center after he cancelled his Saint Pablo tour. As per reports, West’s admission to the hospital was a result of a decade of substance abuse.

Rapper’s personal physician Dr. Michael Farzam has not denied West’s reports of drug abuse. However, Dr. Farzam maintained that West’s hospitalization was due to temporary psychosis triggered by sleep deprivation and dehydration.

Important to accept the problem

Substance abuse gradually makes the user tolerant to the drug that eventually leads to addiction. Today, addiction is considered a mental disorder as it rewires the brain and makes changes in functioning and structuring of the brain.

To overcome addiction, the person must realize that he or she can fight back the problem with strong will and right treatment approach. The individual should accept the fact that there is a problem and drug rehab centers will help cope with the issues. Treatment at one of the right substance abuse treatment centers is important to get to the root of any underlying problem or addiction can lead to other mental problems.

Recovery road map

Just like any other illness, with the right tools and support, addiction too can be treated properly. Instead of discrimination against the person suffering from addiction, one needs to talk to the person, act as a source of support and help him or her seek professional treatment for the problem. One should not delay the treatment or things can get out of hand.

If you know someone addicted to substances, contact the 24/7 Recovery Helpline to find the top substance abuse treatment centers. Call our 24/7 helpline number 855-441-4405 or chat online with experts to know about the best drug rehab centers.

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