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How to find happiness after de-addiction

Drug and alcohol addiction can push a person down to the pitiless desolation of life. Addicts often lose faith in themselves, just as their loved ones do. De-addiction is an uphill struggle, like running a marathon every day. Yet, with professional help and the support of a family, it has been done by millions of individuals. What most people don’t realize is that getting free from drugs and alcohol is only a part of the solution. Starting to live a normal, productive, and fulfilling life is the other part.

People who have successfully overcome addiction need to take certain steps to enter the mainstream of society again. They have to start thinking, talking, and doing things like normal, successful and happy people do.

Substance abuse addicts need to reprogram their thinking

Alcohol and drugs often lead to self-destructive thinking patterns. Addicts’ minds get wired for failure and unhappiness. They find it difficult to escape from the spiral of misery that was part of them when they were substance abusers. After they have been able to give up the substance, they are still unable to give up the guilt, fear, depression, and other negative feelings that accompanied their addiction.

There are several ways to reprogram the thought process and start a new life again. Some of these are:

  1. Meditation: Studies have shown that mindfulness meditation is a powerful alternative treatment for a range of maladies, notably addiction. Meditation changes patterns of thinking and in the process reprograms thought patterns for happiness.
  2. Exercise: One of the most natural processes to make the mind function optimally is exercise. Exercise works at the physiological, psychological, and physical levels in a number of ways. As the exercise tunes and changes the body, it also changes the mind.
  3. Diet: Eating right makes a world of difference to how we think. Part of the effort to think positively must always involve a healthy, balanced diet.

Positive speech patterns important part of recovery

Negative ways of communication resulting from an adverse self-concept may be a part of the ex-addict’s behavior. In addition, they may indulge in negative self-talk. There are several ways to counter this:

  1. Talking to the right people: It is important for former addicts to communicate with people who appreciate them. If you are currently recovering from addiction, talk to those on your wavelength.
  2. Reading the right books: Reading literature that infuses positivity is helpful in making communication positive. Self-help books and books about winning are good.
  3. Awareness while speaking: Speaking with awareness is essential to avoid self-defeating patterns of speaking and to make your spoken words your assets.

Take responsibility for your life

Entering the world of work and responsibility as well as resuming positive social interaction is the most important part of life after de-addiction. Doing this involves skill and the ability to overcome extreme stress. It requires a shift in self-perception as well as perception of the world.

  1. Create a life plan: Make a written plan of what you want and how exactly you will achieve it.
  2. Get a mentor: Getting a mentor is a great idea to succeed in life. It may help greatly post-addiction.
  3. Take it a step at a time: Move in your chosen direction one step at a time. Don’t be in a tearing hurry, and don’t be complacent.

After the storm of addiction has calmed, the difficult journey to normalcy and happiness begins. If there is a well-thought-out plan and you play your cards well, you will find the happiness that you can never find in substance abuse.

The 24/7 Recovery Helpline aims to help you with your de-addiction goals. Our representatives are committed to connecting you or a loved one with the best treatment plans and aftercare programs. Addiction doesn’t have to live your life for you. That decision should always remain in your hands. If you or a loved one is ready to reclaim his or her life from addiction, call us right away at 855-441-4405.

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