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Device to ease heroin withdrawal? Possible!

They say that a man’s greatest test comes in the form of adversity. Only a situation that’s grave and dire could truly test a man’s character, and is often the make or break time in one’s lifespan. While some sail through the bad period, focusing on doing the basics right, and waiting for the misfortune to subside, others succumb to the pressure and give in.

The United States has long battled the menace of drug addiction, and it continues to be a growing problem. Heroin abuse is one of the most common scenarios, especially when it comes to drug addiction, and a growing number of people are falling prey to the hysteria that the drug creates in one’s system.

However, if a recent development is to be believed, the heroin abuse scenario is set to undergo a change. The Greenwood City Court in Indiana has put forth a new drug treatment program this week, which offers heroin addicts a chance to recover from the addiction, and escape possible prison time. The program will be a three-step endeavor, and will include a new medical device known as the Neuro-stim System Bridge, also known as the Bridge, developed by Innovation Health Solutions (IHS).

Bridge is fully functional and capable

A bit bigger than a half a dollar bill, the device fits behind the ear where the cranial nerves are in close proximity to the skin. Once placed, an electronic chip in the device will emit signals to the brain blocking the pain experienced during withdrawal.

It is important to note that people who are addicted to substances such as heroin or opioids often skip treatment. If a vast majority of these people were interviewed, they would state that the pain is the driving factor in them denying treatment.

The revolutionary Bridge device has been designed in a way so as to ensure that a person who’s addicted can quit the drug, and get through the angst of withdrawal in just five days’ time, post which, they are admitted to rehab and are medically examined, as well as counselled.

The Union County Opiate Treatment Center, Indiana, ran a six-week pilot program, offering its clients the Bridge device. 37 patients used the device, and all of them completed the outpatient detox program successfully.

Leveraging technology is an option

A string of advancements has hit the drug addiction treatment scene, in an attempt to help people combat addiction. The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) held a competition in 2016, asking innovators to develop a mobile phone app that aided patients who were recovering from drug abuse.

As a result of this competition, a new opioid overdose treatment device is also on offer. This device, which works as a nasal atomizer could potentially rescue patients from overdosing by delivering life-saving drugs through the nasal passage.

Recovery road map

Post five days of wearing the device, the Bridge is removed, and the patient is subject to monthly injections of Vivitrol, a drug that blocks opiate receptors from producing euphoric sensations, and in turn, curbing the patient’s need to use the substance again.

Drug rehab centers are an excellent option when it comes to getting rid of addiction, and with devices such as the Bridge, treatment options for patients are only going to get better. If you or your loved one is battling any kind of addiction, the 24/7 Recovery Helpline is the way forward. Call our helpline number 855-441-4405, or chat online with our experts to know about the best alcohol and drug treatment centers across the U.S.

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