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Fruits and vegetables are the new way of smuggling drugs in America

There is always a way to do anything better. This famous quote stresses on how innovation is the change that can add value to what one does. Drug peddlers worldwide seem to have taken this seriously, unfortunately, to advance their illegal activities. This is evident from a recent incident of the Spanish police apprehending two men for allegedly smuggling massive quantities of cocaine stuffed inside artificial bananas.

The Spanish civil guard recovered the drugs on March 26, 2017, after an inquiry had been initiated in November 2016 following the discovery of drugs from a banana shipment. The police discovered 57 fake bananas made of resin, stuffed with seven kilograms of cocaine, mixed with the real bananas. In addition, 10 kilograms of cocaine was found concealed inside the flaps of the cardboard boxes carrying the fruits. The police had found these drugs while conducting raids in the coastal cities of Valencia and Malaga.

Drug busts like this have been carried out in the U.S. also. In January 2017 drugs hidden in fake limes were discovered by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection. A closer inspection revealed marijuana stuffed inside fake limes that were then mixed with real limes. These were being hauled in a tractor-trailer headed for America. The police estimated the quantity of marijuana to be approximately 4,000 pounds. The value of the apprehended drug was estimated at roughly $800,000.

Similarly, in May 2016 federal officials, while carrying out a drug bust along the border in Texas, uncovered roughly 1,500 pounds of weed stuffed inside coconuts being transported illegally by a tractor-trailer. The estimated worth of the seized pot was roughly $285,000. In another crazy overhaul of drugs in January 2016, a major shipment of pot was found concealed in a carrot shipment.

Episodes of drug arrests are common in the U.S. with smugglers hiding their items in food and vegetables believing that the color and odor of fresh fruits and vegetables would help escape detection by both the police and the dog squad.

Drug epidemic, a major cause of concern

Millions of Americans suffering from dependence on drugs have led the current Trump administration to consider building a wall across the Mexico border to block the passage of drugs into the U.S. Though the effectiveness of this plan is still a matter of debate, what remains to be seen is whether an efficient plan can help counter the inflow of drugs into American territory.

The unbridled influx of drugs and other illicit narcotics into American soil has, to a large extent, threatened the sanity of American people considering that many adolescents and young adults are falling prey to them. Curiosity, easy availability of drugs, intent to get a quick high and peer pressure are among the major reasons that coerce many adolescents to try drugs and then get addicted to them.

Early treatment imperative to treat America’s addiction problems

The American government is busy designing strategies and implementing recommendations that can help curb the drug menace in the country. In addition, the government is keen on educating and informing people about the effects of drugs as opposed to its initial policy of incarcerating those addicted to drugs.

Drug addiction can be treated. However, treatment of any kind of addiction has a lot to do with an individual’s intent to recuperate from the effects of drugs. If you or your loved one is battling dependence on drugs, contact the 24/7 Recovery Helpline for Drug and Alcohol Addiction to learn about the best substance abuse treatment centers. Call our 24/7 helpline number 855-441-4405 to speak to one of our certified representatives or navigate to live chat to know about the various state-of-the-art drug addiction rehab centers across different locations in the U.S.

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