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Staying Sober in Holiday Season

The holiday season comes up with joy and excitement and an opportunity to spend some great time with family and friends. But, at the same it is the time when many people indulge in booze and drugs. While it is always a challenging time to say sober in holiday season, COVID-19 has further complicated things, especially for those struggling with some kind of chemical dependency or undergoing treatment for the same. In the situations like loneliness and isolation, people with addiction or dependence are more vulnerable to suffer relapse or even overdose.

Therefore, we have come up with certain effective strategies that can help you or your loved ones overcome triggers of use or stop using drugs in order to remain sober. Becoming aware of potentially triggering situations and knowing how to prepare for them can help minimize your risk of relapse and allow you to truly enjoy your holiday season. 

Common Holiday Triggers

It is common to feel simulated for drug use during season, especially in the company of your good old friends. That’s the reason holidays are a triggering time for drug use. Therefore it is important to develop coping skills to deal with your potential holiday relapse triggers, particularly when you are undergoing drug abuse treatment. It may include

  • Avoiding the people that may force you to do drugs
  • Spending time with your children
  • Sparing time for relaxation techniques like Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness
  • Seeking medical assistance if you find it difficult to overcome triggers of use

Make Healthy Changes in Your Routine

Holiday season tend to disrupt daily routines of people. When they get time off of work, travel to see their families, and make preparations for the holidays; they fail to adhere to their typical routines during the holiday season. Their healthy eating patterns, exercise routine, and other healthy practices to avoid drugs and alcohol (in case of people battling substance abuse problems) may fall by the wayside. All of these disruptions may compromise your sobriety and you may feel tempted for the drug. But, this is time when you need to show immense will power, resist your temptation, and most importantly choose life over disaster.

Stay Away From those Holiday Parties

The holiday season is a time when we meet, greet and celebrate, typically with alcohol and in some cases drugs as well. It’s fine if you are an occasional drinker but those struggling with addiction or undergoing drug abuse treatment need to stay sober, no matter how much craving you feel. First avoid the parties where these substances of abuse are served. But if you still end up at such place, be strong and confident enough to say, “No thanks”. You can accompany someone who is a non-drinker.

Avoid Family Stress

Some people may have strained relationship with their family. They can also avoid spending time with those family members, as it may create a situation of conflict or argument. Having an argument could cause stress and even symptoms of depression or anxiety, thereby increasing the risk of relapse.

Call our Helpline in Case of an Emergency

You can call our 24-hour drug helpline 855-441-4405, if you know someone who is finding it difficult to deal with his or her chemical dependence. Our representatives can help you connect with rehab centers that offer multiple specialized programs for drug abuse treatment.

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