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Father-son duo arrested in a million-dollar drug bust in North Dacota

In a recent drug bust at I-94 near Mandan, North Dakota, a father-son duo was arrested for possessing marijuana and other illegal drugs with an intent to deliver. The drug bust was made as part of a routine traffic stop when the police got suspicious. As per the reports, Robert Earl Smith (53) and his son Christopher Conkey (24) were carrying more than 200 lbs. of marijuana worth $1.1 million along with THC wax and metamphetamine.

On Feb. 4, 2018, the men were traveling in their vehicle and stopped on I-94. When asked about the reason for their travel, Conkey indicated that they were transporting fan gear to the Super Bowl in Minneapolis and denied transporting anything illegal. After observing suspicious behavior, the deputy wanted to search the vehicle but the men resisted. The duo was then moved to a patrol car while a K-9 sniffed around the vehicle and indicated the presence of narcotics. Further search revealed that the duo was carrying about $2,400 in cash along with large boxes containing multiple heat-sealed bags. A Metro Area Narcotics Task Force office further investigated and found one bag with a green leafy substance, which smelled like raw marijuana when opened.

The vehicle was then moved to the Burleigh/Morton County Detention Center where a search in the afternoon revealed 210 pounds of raw marijuana, 8 grams of methamphetamine and 5 pounds of THC wax or shatter (concentrated form of the psychoactive chemical in marijuana). On interrogation, the duo confessed to transporting the goods to Minneapolis to sell them at the Super Bowl. At present, both are held at the Detention Center.

Hamilton drug bust was another such case

In a similar case last month, the Hamilton Police had arrested a father and a son from Ohio as part of a “long-term” drug investigation. According to the investigators, Jose Alfredo Guel (51) and his son Jose Alfredo Guel Jr. (26) were considered to be “major players” in trafficking drugs in Butler County.

The investigation that involved the police departments in Fairfield, Middletown, Hamilton, Butler County Sheriff’s Office, as well as state and federal law enforcement agencies, led to the seizure of more than 2.5 kilograms of heroin and cocaine, and 10 pounds of marijuana along with $67,000 in cash, two guns and four cars from three locations. According to Hamilton Police Chief Craig Bucheit, the drugs were coming from Mexico into Ohio and were then distributed in the County. The investigation also led to the arrest of five others, including two people on drug-related charges and three people for immigration violations.

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