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Lethal combination of alcohol and energy drinks kills Sydney teen

Intended for fun, a combination of alcohol and energy drinks proved fatal for a Sydney teen who passed away on June 12, 2018, after consuming a potent concoction of alcohol and energy drinks, whose recipe she found online. As per reports, 15-year-old Paris Kamper was found unconscious on her property on Friday night. At the time, Kamper had been drinking alone and was found later by her sibling and friend at a yard at her property. Found to be in a terrible state, Kamper was transferred to The Children’s Hospital, Westmead. According to the hospital, at the time of her admission, Kamper had a blood alcohol level of 0.40, well in the lethal range for alcohol. The teen lost her life after struggling for three days at the hospital where she was admitted.

According to the police, Kamper had been searching for alcoholic recipes online and prepared a toxic mix after finding its recipe online. The case reveals the availability of unnecessary information on the internet. According to Superintendent Rob Critchlow, the deadly combination of alcohol combined and the energy drinks had “directly or indirectly” led to her death. He added that, no matter what the teen had consumed, it was a large amount of alcohol that was responsible for her death. Although a post-mortem is due this week, the area police are investigating the use of online material that may have played a pivotal role in the teen’s death. According to Superintendent Critchlow, they will look into all the options available to them legally, including the availability of videos and online platforms that might have contributed to the teen’s death.

As per Geoff Munro from the Alcohol and Drug Foundation, many young people do not realize how lethal alcohol can be and that it whether consumed on its own or mixed with other substances, a large amount of alcohol can kill a person

According to Dr. Penny Adams, a medical expert, what makes a lethal combination is alcohol combined with teenage brain. She added that alcohol consumption during teen years can damage the teen’s growing brain, harm the areas involved in planning and judgment and can also predispose one to mental illnesses when consumed long-term.

Constituting the most popular form of dietary supplement among American teens and young adults, frequent and long-term consumption of energy drinks can have serious side effects on one’s overall health. Some of the common adverse effects caused by the deadly mix include seizures, insomnia, abdominal pain and heart palpitations. While many of these effects go away on their own, others are potentially serious and can turn fatal. Irrespective of the combination, alcohol can have serious consequences on a teen’s health and make them vulnerable to unsafe situations.

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