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High death rate associated with alcohol use disorders: Study

People across the world are well aware of the ill effects of alcohol, but they rarely take any concrete step to regulate their drinking habits. People in the United States are no different. It is evident from a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) report which says that nearly six Americans succumb to alcohol poisoning each day.

As per the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA), 16.3 million adults aged 18 years or above suffered from alcohol use disorder (AUD) in 2014 alone.

According to NIAAA Director Dr. George F. Koob, “These findings underscore that alcohol problems are deeply entrenched and significantly under-treated in our society.” A recent study, published online in the journal JAMA Psychiatry in April 2016, attempted to find the extent to which people are vulnerable to succumb to AUD.

Need for therapies that reduce mortality rate in AUD patients

The authors of the study, titled “Alcohol Use Disorder and Mortality Across the Lifespan: A Longitudinal Cohort and Co-relative Analysis,” made use of data obtained from the Swedish registry information containing details of members of the general population, half siblings, full siblings and identical twins, who suffered from AUD.

The researchers observed that AUD was associated with a significantly high death rate among those under observation. The scientists also found that the excess mortality rate linked to AUD emerged from both susceptibility to AUD and the direct impact of being afflicted with the disorder. However, the impact of susceptibility to AUD was more pronounced during early stages of life and initial years of AUD, while the direct repercussion of AUD gained more importance during later part of life and in those suffering from prolonged AUD.

The findings of the study are important as they form the basis for medical interventions that can help reduce the number of deaths linked to AUD.

America is reeling from alcohol-related problems

It is a well-known fact that the problem of AUD is not just limited to adults. A number of adolescents in America have been reported to suffer from this disorder. As per the NIAAA, nearly 679,000 adolescents aged between 12 and 17 years suffered from AUD in 2014.

Alcohol abuse problems hurt the American economy to the extent of $249 billion in 2010 alone, reflecting the enormous amount that the country spent in terms of lost work productivity and number of people seeking treatment for alcohol-related disorders.

Path to recovery

The American culture is synonymous with use of alcohol during various occasions. But the symptoms of AUD are hard to identify in the beginning, which makes it all the more difficult for the patient to seek help. The biggest problem with alcohol abuse is that most of the addicts are always in denial of their drinking problem and refrain from taking any professional help.

The findings of the study indicated the need to educate people and policy makers about the existence of AUD and the various treatment options that people can access to get rid of their chronic alcohol-related disorders.

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