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Sports and marijuana: Xavier’s Bluiett arrested for possession of pot

The recent arrest of Xavier Musketeers team memberTrevon Bluiett for the possession of marijuana is not the first incident of a sportsperson being booked for the possession of drugs. Many famous sportsmen in the past have got the boot for illegal possession of substances.

Performance enhancing drugs have a long association with sports.In fact, some records reveal thatdoping in sports dates back to 776 BC when ancient Greeks used certain drugs to boost performance on the field. However, the use of drugs is not limited to boosting performance in the sports. There are many sportsmen accused of substance abuse solely for recreational purposes.

The police pulled up Bluiettin April 2017 when he zipped through a 55 mph zone at about 75 mph and did not signal a lane change. The police smelled marijuana and confirmed that he possessed less than 30 grams of marijuana. He later got a bail on furnishing a bond and was released from the Hamilton County Jail.

Bluiettwas the leading scorer for his team Xavier Musketeers last season, averaging 18.5 points a game.

Why sportsmen use marijuana

The fact that a growing number of endurance athletes are now taking to marijuana goes on to prove that sportspersons are relying on pot for enhancing athletic performances. During exercise, the brain releases endogenous cannabinoids called endocannabinoids, which affect the same receptors that respond to the tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) in marijuana.

Experts are of the opinion that just like sportspersons experience the euphoria after running long distances, induced by the endocannabinoid system, marijuana might also be playing a similar role in boosting such performances.

Looking at the new image that pot enjoys in the eyes of sportspersons now, various sports agencies are changing their stance regarding marijuana. Even the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) has offered relaxation in raising the level of THC for athletes in 2013. The new WADA guidelines allow athletes to smoke marijuana during training, an amount that is only sufficient to trigger positive results during that time. However, it forbids weed smokingon the day of the competition.

Even though preferred for recreational purposes, marijuana is fast gaining ground as a performance-enhancing drug among sports fraternity, and people are already endorsing and clubbing it with other performance enhancing drugs.

Marijuana is classified as a Schedule I drug by the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and more states are mulling over legalizing it for recreational purposes in the U.S. At present, recreational marijuana is legal in eight states and Washington D.C. This makes the situation more perplexed for researchers and users.

Marijuana, an addictive substance

All said and done, marijuana is an addictive substance capable of harmingusers. It is one of the most highly used illicit substances in the U.S. “Some people think that marijuana is not truly “addictive” or that people can’t become “hooked” on the drug, but research shows that about 1 in 10 marijuana users will become addicted,” says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

Marijuana has the potentiality to impair functions of the brain, especially, memory, learning, attention, coordination, decision-making, reaction time and emotions. It can even cause damage to physical health if used regularly for a prolonged period.

Dealing with substance abuse

One should seek treatment for anaddiction before it is too late and things get out of hand. With early treatment, one can gain sobriety and long-term recovery with very little room for relapse.

If you or a loved one is grappling with an addiction, contact the 24/7 Recovery Helpline for information related to drug addiction rehabilitation centers in your vicinity. Call at our 24/7 helpline number 855-441-4405 for further information.

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