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Sober curious – A new trend

In a world where people are busy adapting to new wellness regimens like going gluten free, dairy free, adopting vegan lifestyle, etc. a new trend, known as sober curious is also amassing an increasing number of followers. The trend focusses on turning alcohol free for sleep, health, and wellness reasons. Recently, even a book by the same name was published by Ruby Warrington. Through her book, she has urged her readers to be more mindful when it comes to consuming alcohol.

People who identify as sober curious are aware that their experiences with alcohol have not been great, hence, they may stop drinking that often, however, they are not comfortable with complying with the all-or-none law. Even some Instagram influencers like Jordan Younger and Lee Tilghman fame have identified themselves as sober curious in recent times. Reaching out to their millions of followers, they have explained that though they mostly abstain from drinking, however, they may indulge in a drink or two in case a situation demands that.

Why are people breaking ties with alcohol?

This collective breakup with alcohol was foreseeable. Millions of people across the globe are embracing healthy ways of living and for that to happen, eliminating alcohol from one’s lifestyle is inevitable. Emerging evidence has established that alcohol is inflammatory in nature. Moreover, it has also been proved that even a minor amount of alcohol can be detrimental to one’s health.

New York-based author of the book, Self-Care in the City and a health coach Michelle Cady shared in an interview that when people start abstaining from alcohol, they suddenly have this realization that drinking so much and so frequently wasn’t worth it always. People free liberated when they finally free themselves from the claws of alcohol and love waking up hangover-free. She shared her own story stating that she quit alcohol for 100 days and realized that her energy levels were better, especially in the mornings and that she woke up early nearly every day without the help of an alarm.

How ditching alcohol is helpful?

So how is this sober curious movement unique and why don’t people quit alcohol for good? The fact is that it is difficult to prohibit something altogether and feel restricted all the time. In fact, it is easier to adopt a strategy of just staying away from something for as long as one can. This allows one to indulge once in a while when is too tempted. When one is sober curious, they get to understand their relationship with alcohol in a much better way and this motivates them further to abstain.

As human beings, we tend to relapse or resort to our old ways when we make something too prohibitive for ourselves, and oftentimes, we tend to fall off the wagon, doing the forbidden thing in a much more destructive way. On the other hand, telling yourself that you can still have alcohol, however, in controlled amounts or rarely enables one to choose their sobriety wisely.

Adhering to the sober curious norm

So, the next time when one visits a restaurant or a bar where they have the option of ordering a seltzer instead of a pint of beer, they can start their relationship with sober curiosity by gulping some water or soda in the initial 45 minutes of their visit. It might help one to get out of their need to have an alcoholic drink. The need to drink often stems from an urge to connect with others or feeling the need to relieve stress, social anxiety, etc. However, if one succumbs and has a drink, it is important to note if it is becoming a regular pattern? One needs to sit and analyze if this indicates one’s tendency to give in easily? Because if that is the case, then they might be in need of professional help.

If you or a loved one is battling an addiction to alcohol and is looking for a licensed rehab center for alcohol abuse treatment, get in touch with 247 Recovery Helpline. We can help you find the best alcohol and drug addiction help that offers evidence-based treatment modalities to help overcome the scourge. For more information about how we can help you combat your addiction, call our 24/7 alcohol helpline 855-441-4405 and speak with a member of our admissions team. You can also chat online with a representative for a free insurance verification.

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