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More people seeking treatment proactively for marijuana addiction

The fact that more and more states are legalizing and decriminalizing marijuana has helped in lifting the veil of uncertainties and stigma associated with its addiction. Hence, an increasing number of people are proactively seeking treatment for their dependence on marijuana.

Experts say that the rate of marijuana addiction treatment is going to increase because legalization has gained momentum. It has absolved people from attending court-mandated programs for marijuana addiction treatment.

The trend shows that mandatory treatment is on a downward spiral, whereas, the number of people seeking voluntary treatment has gone up in recent times. Annual surveys assessing court-referred marijuana patients in public sector addiction-treatment programs suggest that a decline in mandatory treatment programs is compensated by an increase in seeking voluntary treatment. The number of court-mandated patients has dwindled by 40 percent since 2011, it said. Around 690,000 people sought voluntary treatment for their marijuana addiction in 2011, of which 182,000 did so due to a court mandate.

However, since then, the number of court-directed treatment cases has steadily declined, whereas the voluntary treatment approach number has gone up significantly. In 2015, over 800,000 people sought voluntary treatment for marijuana addiction, while only around 109,000 were court-mandated among them, the survey said.

The increase in the number of people seeking voluntary treatment comes as a surprise to many who think marijuana is harmless. The legalization has brought more people out into the open who were feeling the pangs of using marijuana and have now decided to seek treatment for their addiction. This is because now people have nothing to fear while declaring their marijuana addiction and can seek treatment safely.

Legalization has led to a surge in pot use

There are other aspects as well related to marijuana legalization – it has led to a rise in pot use among people. The stigma associated with using the drug has diminished dramatically among people. Even the unlikely candidates, who would not have tried marijuana had it not been legal, are now trying and tasting it out of curiosity or due to a newfound freedom. Although people are seeking treatment on their own, it is not very encouraging to use marijuana just because it has become legal.

Marijuana has the potential for treating certain medical conditions but its use has shown to impair some functions like attention, memory, learning and decision-making. Heavy marijuana use in adolescence or early adulthood can affect school performance and can be a factor for increasing dropout rates.

Marijuana is addictive

Medical marijuana is legal in 29 U.S. states and the District of Columbia, but the fact remains that marijuana is a popular psychoactive drug, with the federal government still frowning its use for most purposes in the country. Though marijuana may be part of some religious practices in certain cultures and at times, people may use it for medicinal purposes, however, it is undeniably used the most for recreational purposes.

Marijuana, being a psychoactive drug, has effects similar to that of any stimulant, hallucinogen or depressant. People dependent on marijuana require similar treatment as people with other psychoactive drugs addiction. It is only with a proper treatment plan under professional care that one can overcome a marijuana addiction.

Dealing with addiction

Addiction, be it to marijuana or any other illicit drug or alcohol, can be fatal if not intercepted at the right juncture. However, one can gain sobriety and beat addiction by seeking treatment in a credible rehab center. Hence, if a loved one is struggling with an addiction and you are looking for a 24-hour drug helpline, call our experts at 855-441-4405 or chat online to seek immediate assistance. Out experts are the best drug rehab help online.

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