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NCAA initiates alcohol education programs for college athletes

Alcoholism is an unfortunate reality in campus life where many students tend to take up drinking, whether it be due to peer pressure, sudden freedom or the accompanying adrenaline rush. Drinking alcohol may have serious ramifications if one goes on a bender frequently and for a prolonged period. It is, therefore, essential that students in colleges get a low-down on the harmful effects of alcoholism, especially those who are into sports, as they stand at a higher risk of jeopardizing their careers, if dependent on it.

Keeping in view of this, 13 colleges countrywide have received a grant to impart alcohol education to their athletes highlighting the ominous effects of alcoholism. The grant is an initiative of the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA), which has shortlisted the colleges. A nonprofit organization, the NCAA regulates athletes of 1,260 institutions, organizations, conferences and individuals. It also organizes athletic programs for many colleges and universities in the U.S. and Canada, helping over 450,000 college student-athletes who take part in these college sports.

Bloomsburg University among chosen few

One of the chosen institutes for the NCAA program includes Bloomsburg University (BU). The NCAA has conceded to award the school with a three-year grant of a total value of $30,000. The university known for not segregating its academic classes, be it freshman, sophomore, junior or senior, looks forward to unraveling the harm of alcoholism and its detrimental effects on athletes, to their students.

Bloomsburg University boasts of more than 500 student-athletes who have participated in 19 collegiate sports programs held at the university. The athletes enjoy a very high regard within the campus. They take pride in representing the university, not only in academics but in athletics as well, and are accorded the status of leaders.

Praising the efforts of the NCAA, the BU’s Health and Wellness Educator, Kristi Hammaker, said that the university supports the grant and hopes that it will make a difference in the campus culture and affect all students alike over the three-year period. Her views were endorsed by many students, including student-athlete Abby Sauder, who felt that the more knowledge people have about alcoholism, the more it will benefit them. The first event of this program will be held on Sept 17, 2017, and the BU officials are optimistic about the attendance.

The university already has its own alcohol education program and this aid will only bolster its efforts in this direction. It works hard in educating its students about alcohol and drug prevention programs, effects of alcohol abuse, sexual misconduct, harassment, and alcohol-induced violence while laying emphasis on reducing underage drinking and focusing on good choices.

Knowledge is power when dealing with alcoholism

Many young adults fall into the trap of alcoholism even before they realize it. Hence, proactive programs like NCAA Choices Grant should help them make the right choice much before the problem starts. Dependence on alcohol is not easy to ward off, especially when the habit becomes chronic. Therefore, this kind of programs will prevent students and student-athletes from swerving towards alcoholism.

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