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Loving Someone In Active Addiction

With love one can conquer the world. The path, however, may be harder than you would have imagined. The same is true when you are in love with someone in active addiction. In the view that even two normal beings have to exhibit a lot of maturity and understanding to live under the same roof, dealing with someone who is not in best of his or her senses can be a daunting task.

Therefore, it is very important for the sober partner to understand addiction and chemical dependence and the challenges it could bring. At the same time, one should try and learn the ways to overcome the challenges related to living with a loved one struggling active addiction, and taking care of them in their hard times and yours as well.

Advantage of Understanding Addiction

Relationships in addiction are a lethal combination, therefore it is important to understand the psyche of a partner in active addiction so that you think of ways for addiction treatment rather than parting your ways.

Addiction is a medical condition leading to changes in the brain. Every time people living with addiction practice drug use have their dopamine receptors activated, thereby telling the brain that drugs are rewards. And, these brain changes, over time, develop chemical dependency on the substance being used.

Studies suggest, “Under the influence of many drugs, including nicotine, opioids, and alcohol, the level of available dopamine in the brain increases, creating the “high” associated with drug use. With continued use, tolerance for the substance increases and the person requires more and more drug to achieve the same feeling or even to achieve normal functioning.”

This dependency becomes so powerful that your loved one finds it difficult to control their use of the substance, without bothering about the emotional, physical, and financial consequences associated with it. But the good news is chemical dependency is treatable. With patience and compassion, you can enjoy your relationship like you want it.

Keep an Eye on Symptoms

If your loved one is in the state of active addiction, you need to keep an eye of symptoms of drug use, especially if he or she under treatment.

Listed here are the common ones:

  • Developing problems related to cognition and memory
  • Often appearing intoxicated
  • Appearing unwell or tired
  • Sleeping more and at irregular hours
  • Stealing money or valuables to buy drugs
  • Being lethargic all the time
  • Exhibiting problems at school or at work or school such as dropping out of school or losing job
  • Attending social events where if drugs and/or alcohol are available
  • Becoming angry, sad, or lashing out when questioned about their substance abuse
  • Lying about the substance or how much they are using
  • Neglected appearance and poor hygiene
  • Showing withdrawal symptoms in the absence of the drug

Don’t Worry, It’s Not Permanent

It may be frustrating at time to stay with someone with drug use, and you might have thought of giving up many times. In this difficult situation what can help you keep going is the hope to see your loved one recovering from the chemical dependence.

Timely treatment and adherence to medicine and therapy is the key to speedy recovery. Don’t lose your confidence in the patient and yourself as well. It will give your loved one the motivation and will power to survive those bouts of withdrawal. For more information and guidance on living with someone with drug use, you can get in touch with the 24/7 Recovery Helpline by calling our 24/7 alcohol helpline 855-441-4405.

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