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Healthy discussion with kids about your past substance use can help them avoid drugs

One of the worst fears of parents is their children veering toward substance abuse. No parent would want their kids to get caught in the shackles of substances. Hence, there should be a healthy discussion between them to try and keep any eventuality at bay. However, for parents, who themselves used alcohol or other drugs in the past, broaching the topic could be quite unnerving.

Yet, one cannot dodge the subject and evade it altogether or relegate the discussion to some other day. An open discussion would ensure that children make informed choices and parents are able to keep a check on them. Discussing one’s past alcohol or drug use with children needs some pre-work and a parent should tread carefully.

Here, we look at some ways how parents can talk to their children about their own past substance use and, in turn, dissuade their children from straying into troubled waters.

  • Forging a positive and warm relationship: A positive relationship is the most important element between parents and children, say studies. It can act like a shield, limiting substance use problems in the future. Talking elaborately on alcohol and drug use with kids is not the only way to tackle the situation. Teaching them to communicate effectively, solve problems and adopt the right attitude goes a long way compared to subjecting them to anti-substance use sessions.
  • Preparing well before initiating discussion: A bit of groundwork is necessary before starting this particular discussion with children. One should be quite clear about the objectives of the discussion and what is expected from it. It is only that a discussion with kids on substance use disorder (SUD) would head in the right direction.
  • Sharing only what is necessary: Going overboard will not help in any way, especially when the topic is substance abuse. Chances are high that a conversation might veer into unnecessary directions, with a parent trying to project himself or herself as cool during their prime. This would be an utter loss of the cause.
  • Giving the right perspective: Counting all the chips and scales, an effective lowdown on substance abuse, is what counts after a conversation between parents and children. The parent should take care to ensure that the purpose of the discussion does not dwindle. After all, the motive is to protect children from abusing any substances in future, drawing experience and knowledge from their parents’ lives.

Two things that one needs to keep in mind while sharing his/her experiences, is that neither should the parents sound like victims or moral police, nor should children lose respect for their parents due to their past substance abuse problems. Children always want to look up to their parents and it is only parents, revered by their children, who can show them the right way forward.

Dealing with alcoholism and drug abuse 

Although addiction might be a thing of the past for some, for others it may prove to be a scourge. While it can be fatal in chronic or severe conditions, it is possible to gain sobriety with the right treatment. Early treatment in a credible rehab helps an individual overcome addiction and live a happy and productive life.

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