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Drug bust: Border Patrol seizes drugs worth $350K

In a sweeping triple drug bust, agents of the Border Patrol confiscated narcotics worth more than $350,000 within a span of 12 hours, confirmed the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP).

Intercepting peddlers at various checkpoints in San Diego County on Tuesday and early Wednesday, the agents seized methamphetamine, heroin and marijuana after laying traps at the Interstate 8 checkpoint. The Border Patrol agents found narcotics hidden inside the air conditioning vents of a Chevrolet S 10 truck Tuesday afternoon. The truck was carrying 13 bundles of crystal meth and another bundle of black tar heroin.

The first bust took place around 2 p.m. at a checkpoint on Interstate 8 in Pine Valley, where they seized methamphetamine tucked away in the AC vent of the truck. After getting an alert from the Border Patrol K-9, the agents cornered and nabbed the 27-year-old man driving the Chevrolet truck. The CBP estimated the value of the seized drugs to be over $52,000.

The second bust occurred around 6 p.m., hours after the first bust. Drugs like heroin and methamphetamine were found inside the rear seats of a Ford Focus. The agents estimated the value of the seized heroin to be $43,985 while the methamphetamine was worth $123,318. The agents took the 19-year old driver of the car into immediate custody after discovering that he was illegally present in the country, CBP officials said.

The third bust took place at a checkpoint near San Clemente the next morning. Border Patrol agents seized methamphetamine worth $137,696, hidden in a car behind the driver’s seat and the back wall of a pick-up truck. CBP officials said. They also confirmed the arrest of all the three drivers involved in the smuggling. They trio was then handed over to the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA).

Frequent and large drug busts show the intent of the enforcement agencies in curbing the rampant illegal drug trade across the borders. A lot of illicit drugs flood the streets of the U.S. that come from neighboring countries. Similar and successful drugs busts can act as a deterrent for drug peddlers and save countless lives from falling victims to these drugs.

Despite valiant efforts from Border Patrol agents, large caches of illicit drugs seep through the borders at times, gravely endangering the lives of the people in the country. However, successful drug busts like these profusely instill hope and encouragement for future efforts and are indeed commendable.

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