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To deter drug use among college students, DEA launches website

Drug use in colleges in the United States is a major problem that needs immediate attention. With the motive of checking this rising problem, the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) recently launched a website called to prevent and address drug use in colleges.

The DEA wants leaders of education to access more information about drug abuse and other addictions so that they can deal with the situation more aptly. The website will inform and educate students about the negative effects of drug abuse and dissuade them from abusing any substances.

DEA Acting Administrator Chuck Rosenberg said, “We must talk to folks about the dangers and consequences of drug abuse, and base those conversations on facts and science. With this website, we put valuable information in the hands of higher education leaders who can use it to enlighten, teach, and change the culture.”

Addiction, a perennial problem with college students

College students abuse all sorts of substances, ranging from marijuana, alcohol, prescription opioids to other illicit street drugs. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), prescription drug abuse is a major problem among college students. Some of the startling facts put forth by the SAMHSA are:

  • On an average day, 559 full-time college students begin the non-medical use of prescription opioids and 415 full-time college students use legal or illegal stimulants non-medically.
  • Close to 12 percent college students use one or more types of prescription drugs (including sedatives, antidepressants, and stimulants), which were not prescribed to them in the last 12 months.
  • In the garb of “study drugs,” college students are more likely to misuse prescription stimulants compared to their non-college going peers.

Prescription drug misuse among college students brings about several negative outcomes. Some of the most apparent ill effects of misuse of these drugs include:

  • missing classes
  • lower grades
  • hallucinations
  • addiction
  • psychosis
  • paranoia
  • increased risk for cardiac effects
  • loss of coordination

Not only prescription drugs, even marijuana use is rising among college students. A new study conducted by researchers at the Oregon State University found that marijuana use among underage students on college campuses in Oregon is rising by the day. Oregon is among the initial states that legalized marijuana for recreational purposes.

The best way to prevent the misuse of drugs and other substances among college students is to increase the level of awareness and provide accurate information about the threats from any addiction. The DEA’s website is an effort in the right direction. It is part of their drug prevention program targeting college campuses and surrounding communities. The website is set to become a single interface for everyone, including college students, educators, student health centers and student affairs personnel. It will further double up for college students, parents and other stakeholders involved in campus communities.

The website will contain valuable information on a bevy of relevant topics along with important data, news updates, drug scheduling and penalties, research, publications, details of national and statewide conferences and events, resources from DEA’s federal partners and state and local prevention contacts. One of the important features of the website is the inclusion of a tab called “Help a Friend” that will help in educating and preparing those who want to communicate with friends and relatives on drug use concerns.

Dealing with addiction

It is good to have preventive measures in place to curb the addiction problem. However, for those who are already abusing drugs or alcohol, only a treatment can reverse the ill effects. Hence, if you have a loved one abusing any substance, call our 24-hour drug helpline number at 855-441-4405 for a quick response or chat online with our representatives for more information.

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