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Asking if there is a Cure for Addiction?

Substance abuse is not a sign of character defects or weakness, and it takes more than perseverance to overcome a problem. Excessive use of certain prescribed drugs or illegal drugs may cause changes in the brain, leading a strong urge to consume them. No matter how much strong your addiction might be recovery is always possible by appropriate treatment and support. While you are dealing with addiction, the most difficult step towards recovery is first to admit that you have a problem and you firmly decide to change the situation. If you are relying upon prescribed drugs, you might have to find alternative treatments that suit your condition the best.

You might feel torn apart, thinking of leaving your addiction. A strong mental and moral support is very much needed to overcome addiction.

Recovery takes time, motivation, and support, but choosing to make changes can help you overcome your obsession and regain control over your life.

How Can You Prepare Yourself Mentally to Recover from Addiction?

  1. Always focus on the reason why you want to leave aside your addiction, definitely for a better future.
  2. If you have made attempts to come out of addiction in past, think about things which worked and didn’t worked for you.
  3. Be focused on time limit for recovery. Also limit drug usage accordingly.
  4. Ask your family and friends to support you and encourage you for recovery.
  5. Keep track for your drug usage.
  6. Consider people and things that are important in your life. Think about them and think how your recovery can remarkably change your life towards betterment.
  7. Think about the circumstances that are preventing you to recover from addiction.
  8. Think about your loved one how they must be feeling about your addiction.

How to Explore Addiction Treatment options? 

You can always explore options for treatment, if you are committed to strive for recovery. There are many treatment programs in accordance to type of drug addiction.

Detoxification: Is generally the first step to remove drugs from body and manage withdrawal symptoms.

Behavioral counseling: It can help to understand the root cause of addiction and help for recovery. It also helps family members to cope with individual with addiction and also built healthier relationship among each other.

Medication: help to cope up with mental health condition such as depression and anxiety. It helps prevent relapse and withdrawal symptoms due to substance abuse.

Long-term Follow-up: regular counselling and follow up can keep recovery on track.  It helps prevent relapse and maintain sobriety.

What Are the Drug Treatment plan available? 

Residential treatment: Individual stay away from house for treatment. It might last for few months.

Day treatment/ partial hospitalization: Are for those who are undergoing medical monitoring but prefer to stay at home and undergo hospitalization as per schedule only.

Outpatient treatment: Individual are treated though day and night schedule but don’t have to stay in treatment center. It is mostly to prevent relapse.

Sober Living Communities: Here individual has to stay in treatment center away from home with other recovering addicts in a supportive and drug free environment. It helps in preventing relapse.

How to find best drug addiction treatment for You?

  1. No treatment plan works same for everyone. So finding an appropriate plan for yourself is important.
  2. The treatment plan should not only focus on recovery from drug addiction but also on psychological and mental healing.
  3. Commitment for getting out of Substance abuse is important. With prolonged drug usage, the recovery and treatment becomes quite intensive and time taking. So regular follow-ups and focus towards recovery becomes primary.
  4. You need to seek help from family, friends, social workers and counselors, to seek proper treatment.
  5. You need to built addiction recovery support. You need to rely on family and friends, you can also have built up sober community network. You can also consider moving to sober homes.
  6. You can Join a 12-step recovery support group, such as Narcotics Anonymous (NA), and regularly attend meetings. Spend time with people who exactly understand your mental state can lead to better healing. You can also relate and benefit from the experiences shared by other group members. How they have made an effective stay at sober homes.

How to deal with Stress and check addiction Craving during Addiction Recovery Phase? 

As soon as the treatment starts, sometimes the urge for drugs may become severe. You would start feeling stressed out and negative emotions may engrave your minds. At that moment diverting your mind towards any relaxing activities such as exercising, yoga, meditation, playing, developing sense of smell, think of beautiful places or picture and last but not the least love yourself and pamper yourself.

Keep track on your drug craving. Stay away from addicted friends. Avoid bars and clubs. Be careful about your history of drug use when seeking medical treatment. Focus on which part of your body is experiencing the urge and keep a track on it.

How to Seek Help? 

 As you seek help for Substance Abuse, it’s also important to get treatment for any other medical or psychological issues such as anxiety, depression etc, you’re experiencing. 

If you or a loved one is struggling with chemical dependency and a mental illness and is looking for a reliable behavioral health center, get in touch with the 24/7 Recovery Helpline by calling our 24/7 alcohol helpline 855-441-4405. 24/7 Recovery Helpline is linked with multiple behavioral health centers that offer comprehensive evidence-based treatment plans for patients dealing with substance abuse issues, as well as mental health disorders. You can also chat online with our experts available 24/7 at our drug addiction help online to get guidance about dual-diagnosis treatment centers and programs offered.

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