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Amber Portwood’s fiancé blames addiction relapse for his Las Vegas fiasco

TV personality Amber Portwood’s fiancé Matt Baier (46) recently said he was recovering and trudging towards sobriety. Baier recently had an infamous meltdown in Las Vegas, which he attributed to a pain pill relapse. The “Teen Mom OG” star herself revealed this to People magazine and said that he suffered a relapse this year during the shooting of the current season of the MTV show.

Baier relapsed after taking pills to manage his pain and fell into the gorge all over again. In fact, this is the predicament for millions of people who flirt with prescription painkillers. “I had a drug relapse this year for the first time with prescription pills. I fell back into my addiction for about two months around December,” Baier said.

Baier said that he was gorging on a good amount of pills to assuage his pain and he could realize he was back in the cycle again, for which he had to cancel his shoot. “I was still convincing myself that it wasn’t as bad as it used to be but it was,” he added. Portwood’s fiancé is recovering from his addiction whose freaking out at a friend’s wedding was filmed and aired on television. There was a lot of drama during that episode, where he used cuss words for Portwood as she allegedly refused his marriage proposal.

However, according to Portwood, he broke down once he saw the video later, saying the meltdown was because of his relapse. He did not even remember anything from that evening because he completely blacked out. “That person that I was watching was not me, it’s not who I am,” he said. “I remember getting really upset and I felt a lot of shame. I just don’t remember it all that well. They just caught me on a really bad day.” Later, he called himself selfish, rambling and revealed that he could barely remember what they had shot 20 minutes prior due to a complete blackout.

Portwood led him to treatment

What happened on that fateful day is not a one-off incident for Baier. Just four months before that, he had blackout after consuming too many prescription pills in New York. He was so knackered after consuming the pills that he remembered nothing about the trip he made with Portwood.

Initially, Portwood was not aware of his addiction problem, but once skeletons came out of the closet, she urged him to seek immediate treatment. That is the best part to be in a relationship when a loved one helps a person with substance abuse to seek treatment and to overcome it.

It was because of her coaxing that Baier started intervention program and overcame his addiction then. Despite being stern, she proved to be supportive that helped Baier beat his addiction problem. “I was afraid at first to tell her, you just never know how people are going to react. Amber is supportive, but she can be stern when it comes to stuff like this — she was pretty firm about it.” This time, despite his relapse, he is hopeful to overcome it once again. With Portwood on his side, the transition will surely be a smooth one.

Dealing with addiction

Though chronic and severe addiction is dangerous, treatment can help a person overcome it to lead a sober life. However, a little commitment to stay in the treatment has to be there so that recovery becomes seamless. Hence, if a loved one is grappling with an addiction, call our 24/7 helpline number 855-441-4405 or chat online for a quick resolution. Our experts can guide you to the best drug and alcohol rehab centers in your vicinity.

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