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7 steps to prevent your child from abusing drugs

Parents can play a key role in dissuading kids from abusing drugs. Be it the use of tobacco products, drinking alcohol or experimenting with drugs, parents can prevent their children from falling prey to addiction with a little effort on their part.

It is true that bringing up kids is not an easy job and one needs inputs from experts. But one can handle the situation and prevent any unwarranted situations in the family. Here, we list seven steps to prevent a child from abusing drugs:

  1. Giving them gentle and complete lowdown on drugs: It is important for parents to talk to their children about drugs and give them a crystal clear picture. However, it is equally important that a lot of research goes into that because half-baked information would only complicate the matter. The sources of information should be authentic. Trusting advertisements is not a good idea as they often fabricate facts in favor of the advertisers’ interests.
  1. Information should be correct and factual: If parents let out information casually which are not factual, it could corrode the children’s confidence. And, they will never believe them in the future.
  1. Helping children cope with a traumatic experience: Children on their own are inept in coping with any traumatic experience in their lives and need assistance. Helping them overcome such an event would ensure that they do not seek refuge in some addiction. Addiction in most adults may be triggered by their childhood traumatic experiences.
  1. Boosting self-esteem and confidence of children: Often, children with low self-esteem and troubled childhood go on to abuse drugs and alcohol in their lives later. Reinforcement of belief and assurance in their innate abilities will help them grow as strong individuals and they will not feel the need to look for any external support in the form of drugs or alcohol.
  1. Talking about drugs time and again: Repeating whatever has been said about drugs is important. It is not once in a lifetime affair that once the information has been rolled out, it is done. The little but important tidbits about drugs need to be discussed with them in a subtle way. But again, the information has to be factual.
  1. There is a way of talking drugs to children: Psychologists believe that handing out information about drugs to children should be done in a certain manner. It is advisable not to tell them “do not do drugs.” Children are curious by nature and many of them even have a rebellious streak. Stopping them from doing something would only make them more curious or defiant. This fascination would always get the better of them.
  1. Discussing peer pressure: One of the prime reasons that children are attracted to the world of addiction is peer pressure. Trying to be popular and at the center stage is what most teens aspire for. Doing drugs is a (weird) way of achieving that. Hence, giving a clear perspective about peer pressure and how to avoid it should prevent them from straying into the forbidden waters.

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