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7 myths about alcohol consumption that can actually trigger onset of alcoholism

It is against all precepts of male chauvinism to admit that a few extra pegs can knock him down. Men often boast of drinking like a fish and still standing tall. There are binge drinking competitions and those who can weather such sessions become symbols of virility among peers.

However, such escapades often become a breeding ground for future alcoholics. Here, we demystify seven such flawed beliefs which can trigger a drinking problem in men:

  1. Drinking someone under the table: Men often challenge others and claim to drink someone under the table. It is an oft-used phrase to brag about one’s drinking abilities and partake in heavy drinking sessions. Participants try not to get drunk even after gulping glasses of alcohol. But such frequent sojourns are seen as precursors to becoming an alcoholic.
  2. One can handle his liquor: It is not a good idea to make such claims. Consuming excess liquor floods the bloodstream with alcohol and toxins pile up in the liver. Keeping up with such remarks can raise the tolerance level in someone, making him an alcoholic.
  3. Drinking beer is safe: People who give excuses that they only drink beer, or even light beer, are living in a fool’s paradise. Alcohol content in beer is between 4 and 6 percent, which is enough to increase the cravings in someone.
  4. Someone is immune to effects from drinking: Many people claim that drinking does not affect them. But this is definitely a foolish claim. No sane person would like to accompany such people and put his life in jeopardy. They don’t realize that they are only speeding towards alcoholism.
  5. 5. Can drink and assimilate anything: This is a serious myth about drinking and needs to be debunked. The content varies in different alcoholic beverages. Vodka contains 35-50 percent alcohol, brandy 40-45 percent, rum contains 37.5-57 percent, whiskey between 40-53.3 percent, and tequila 40-50 percent. However, the threat looms large for these people who think they are capable of drinking anything. Long-term drinking increases the chance of someone becoming an addict.
  6. Eating greasy and fried food helps in staying sober: Many people keep drinking with a belief that eating greasy food later would help them stay sober. This is an absurd claim which has no scientific validation. It does not prevent someone from getting drunk, albeit the bloodstream may take time to absorb the alcohol, but not necessarily prevent alcoholism. Continuing to drink in the garb of seeking help from greasy food is a dangerous decision.
  7. Drinking black coffee helps in maintaining sobriety: It is a myth and its credibility is zilch. Alcohol is a depressant while caffeine is a stimulant. Hence, assuming that taking coffee after a drinking session will help one stay sober is a dubious claim. The act of drinking regularly followed by black coffee is not doing a person any good, instead it is gradually pushing him towards alcoholism.

These and many other myths expedite the onset of alcoholism. Prevention is better than cure, they say. So, keeping away from alcohol as much as possible is the best way to stay sober.

Still, if you or your loved one has got addicted to alcohol or some other substance, we can help you come out of its grip. You may reach out to the 247 Recovery Helpline to get the expert guidance on recovery and rehabilitation. Call our helpline number at 855-441-4405 or chat online for more information.

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