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Anyone who has the misfortune to be a parent of a child addicted to drugs and/or alcohol knows that addiction can destroy a family. Thankfully, there is a way to get your child back. It starts with a phone call that puts them on the path to recovery through proper treatment.


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Emergency Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation Treatment

Recognizing substance abuse is never easy…

Barbara Theodosiou, founder of The Addict’s Mom, was raised by an alcoholic and lived with her brother who was a drug addict; even though she spent most of her life taking care of them, she was still not able to see the warning signs when it came to her children. Seven years ago, Barbara found out that two of her sons were addicted to drugs.

“Don't Lose Your Child Like I Did.”

At a loss and not knowing where to turn, her life plunged into one of despair. She was living every mother’s worst nightmare and did not know where to turn. Hear more about Barbara’s story in her video interview.

A thorough assessment ensures that each person is given the tools they need to overcome their addiction.


Adult Rehab

Rehab offers adults the time and resources they need to recover from their addiction and get their life back on track.

Young Adult Rehab

Addiction can ruin the chances for a young adult to form a healthy happy life. Rehab can give those chances back to them.


An effective treatment program provides you with the best chance at a full recovery.


Treatment programs are built to help individuals overcome addictions and get back to having a happy life.

Find the Help You Need.

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For Treatment Options In Your Area.

Want to learn more about addiction? Need more information on symptoms that could indicate your loved one is struggling with substance abuse? Whatever your concern is we are here to help. Call the Recovery Helpline to learn more about the plague of addiction and find out about treatment options in your area. The sooner recovery is achieved the sooner everyone can have their lives back.

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