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Aussie presenter Grant Denyer opens up about his drug abuse

Famous Australian television and radio presenter Grant Denyer, who once battled drug addiction, says he is alive because of his daughter. He will be known as the former host of “Family Feud” after today as the last episode of the popular TV show was aired on July 20, 2018. Basking in the glory of the Gold Logie Award for Most Popular Personality on Australian Television, which he claimed earlier in the month, the motor racing driver-turned-TV presenter recently opened up about his prescription drug abuse that followed a near-fatal crash about 10 years ago.

In an interview to the Confidential, Denyer revealed he did not care if he lived or not, as he was so hooked on the drugs. However, the birth of his first daughter Sailor, now seven, helped him move toward recovery. Had it not been for his daughter, he would not have been there, the 40-year-old said. Denyer had injured his lower vertebrae at eight places in 2008, when he attempted to jump cars in a monster truck.

After the crash, it was not clear if he would ever be able to walk again. It took him almost six months to recover. Taking medicines was challenging as it came with warnings. However, he was not prepared for that as he was too vulnerable and broken at that point of time. But wife Cheryl helped him out of the web of pain medications he was on for years without knowing its consequences, just to calm his nerves.

He admitted to being at his lowest point of life. When presented with the award at the 60th Annual Logie Awards, Denyer got emotional and shared that Family Feud happened to him when he was recovering at a Thai facility. He said that he was not sure if he would ever work again as he was so low and disoriented.

The rebirth

Denyer shared that Family Feud gave him the reason to come out of his shackles and do something purposeful with his life. He said the show helped him resuscitate his confidence. He thanked his wife profusely for sticking with him through thick and thin. He said they both made a good team and that he was thankful to his wife for their two beautiful daughters.

As Family Feud came to an end, Denyer said he was collaborating with Ellen Degeneres for her show Game of Games. Degeneres is expected to return from Uganda, where she is working on the conservation of gorillas. The new show might take off once she is back, he said.

Road to recovery

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